Afghan Eyes Multimedia Agency

We are a group of young well trained and hard working photographers. We can respond to all your editorial visual needs from Afghanistan. Afghan Eyes founders started taking photos in their youth during the Taliban era in Afghanistan when only passport and ID snapshots were allowed. They were imprisoned by the Taliban several times. Their only crime was ‘taking photographs. Since 2003, after receiving professional photography training from AINA photo institute, agency founder Jalali and his fellow colleagues have been providing still images, video footages and other multimedia services from across Afghanistan. Afghan Eyes Photographers has attended more than 20 successful photo exhibitions and competitions worldwide. The most recent one in Paris; attracted the world’s media, particularly The National Geographic which has used the agency’s images. Afghan Eyes, also has made deferent clips and documentary projects. Among Afghan Eyes’ clients are the Asian Development Bank, UN organisations including, UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA, UNAMA, UNDP, various embassies, IDOLO, BBC, Aljazeera media network, other international and local newspapers and magazines, diplomatic missions and foreign embassies in Afghanistan, NGOs, and Afghan government publications. Beside media works, Afghan Eyes has arranged fixer, translator and transportation services for the foreign journalists across Afghanistan.